It is now possible to replace a tooth or multiple teeth and possibly keep it for the rest of your life with dental implants! The procedure is expensive, but we are committed to providing you with the most affordable dental implants.

Weighing Up Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most natural looking of all tooth replacement options, in addition to being the most functional and effective compared to dentures and bridges. However, tooth implants are typically more expensive than other traditional alternatives. Some people are just not ready for the significant financial cost of dental implants and choose to go for other procedures.

While dental implants are an expensive procedure, in the long run, they have a longer life and are more cost efficient compared to the older options like caps, bridges and dentures. Dental implants also offer superior stability and replicate your entire tooth structure and not just the crown.

In comparison to bridges and dentures, which may require frequent visits to the dentist and additional expenses, dental implants do not need occasional relining or replacement. Dental implants are very easy to maintain and don’t have the risk of damaging surrounding teeth. They also fit more comfortably and naturally and even look better cosmetically which can improve your self-esteem. Dental implants allow a patient to eat hard foods with confidence.

Tooth Implant Costs

The cost of a tooth implant depends on many factors, including:

  • Varied treatment options, including the type of implant and procedure
  • The number of teeth to be replaced
  • How many implants are required to support the teeth
  • Whether bone grafting is required prior to implant procedure

If you are considering dental implants, we will prepare a customised treatment plan for you and discuss all of these factors with you as part of your consultation.

Our Commitment

Perfect Dental has been serving the Fairfield community for over 15 years and we make the following commitment to you:

  • We are 100% focussed on excellence and honesty
  • We are committed to offering the most affordable dental implants
  • We have no hidden fees or unexplained procedures
  • We prepare a customised treatment plan for every step of your patient journey
  • We offer interest-free payment plans

Implant Dentist Fairfield NSW

We are a highly experienced and qualified implant dentist in Fairfield NSW. Our dentists have gained extensive experience across all areas of general dentistry, with a special interest in dental implants, surgical extractions and root canal treatment. We invite you for a consultation to discuss your implant case today.